Participatory planning educational program at the 2nd elementary school &  the 5th kindergarten of the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi


The participatory design program started in November 2017 and was completed in February 2018.

A total of 24 workshops were held with kindergarten and elementary school students, with a total of over 350 pupils from all classes contributing their ideas and suggestions, and 3 meetings and workshops with parents and teachers.

The organization of the workshops was based on the triptych:

-           analysis of space by users

-           brainstorming ideas

-           creation of a final proposal

Based on the triptych Analysis - Vision - Design, the workshops were conducted in three phases and were based on a range of participatory design methodologies and techniques, such as questionnaires, student and teacher discussions, painting workshops, collages and design workshops, where suggestions and the goals have now taken the form of a plan.

Taking into account the wealth of proposals submitted and co-ordinated within the processes of participatory design workshops, the team of architects attempted to design a general layout. Design serves the central purpose of creating an accessible, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, functional, socially useful and more secure space. The key choices were made to meet the priorities set in the laboratories and were as follows:

-           Separate the entrance of kindergarten students from that of elementary school students.

-           Interventions to improve safety and, secondarily, aesthetics in existing and new pre-school facilities, while integrating functional needs.

-           Extension of the schoolyard by removing the existing staircase to the high school.


Municipality of Agia Paraskevi




Municipality of Agia Paraskevi 

Project Team

Tsadari Sofia - Project Manager - Project Management - Coordination

Poulios Dimitris - Head of Laboratories

Andritsou Daphne - Lab Support - Study Participation