Eleni Mougiakou AUA is an agronomist, specializing in Landscape Architecture, MSc Geomatics. She is a phD candidate of NTUA specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Space Analysis. Her research interests include spatial relationships of green and landscape with walking and sustainable mobility as well as improving the microclimate and the city's environment. Her 10-year work and study experience focuses on urban and suburban green, bioclimatic design, urban green networks and green infrastructure. She has participated in a number of regeneration studies of large parks, public and contaminated areas as well as in architectural contests with distinctions. She has worked in research - European programs on quality of life and adaptation to climate change with more recently CATMED Project, the Orient Gate Project (SEE), Wetlands of Attica (EEA - GR 02) as an external partner of the Attica Region. She holds a class A class of study class 25: Plant Design and Landscape Design Studies and 27: Environmental Studies. She is a founding member of the CPD co-op, responsible for proposing European and Research Projects, Special Green and Geographic Information Systems.

Eleni Mougiakou

Akakiou 1 - 3 & Ipirou 60, 10439, Athens
+30 21 3043 4085
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