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San Al Sur and Cocteau Decacoto on the bridge of friendship!

Fri, 10 Jun



San Al Sur and Cocteau Decacoto on the bridge of friendship!

The students of the 5th grade of the 9th Primary School of Chalandrio and commonspace present as part of the 2nd HIDRANT FESTIVAL of the project Cultural H.ID.R.A.N.T. the work of Chrysa Karamitrou

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'Ωρα & Τοποθεσία

10 Jun 2022, 20:30

Chalandri, Narkisson 2-8, Chalandri 152 33, Greece

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The students of his 5th grade9th Primary School of Chalandriand thecommonspacepresent in its context2nd HYDRANT FESTIVALof the projectCultural H.ID.RANTher workChrysas Karamitrou

"San Al-Shur and Cocteau Decacoto on the bridge of friendship"

directed byYoulis Athousakisand teaching of teachersArgiros Makropoulou,Doras DerventlisandPolys Nikolopoulou.

Friday, June 10, 2022 20:30 Rematia Theater of Chalandrioufree entrance


Text*:Chrysa Karamitrou, teacher, 9th Primary School of Chalandri 

Directed by:Iouli Athousaki, commonspace 

Music lessons & piano*:Poly Nikolopoulou, musician, 9th Primary School of Chalandri 

Speech teaching:Dora Derventli - Argyro Makropoulou, teachers, 9th Primary School of Chalandri 

Sets & costumes:Melina Vlachou, commonspace - Louise Truc,Lalava workshop 

Lighting:Kostas Koliofotis 

Sound engineering:Nikos Bakolas 

Program, show poster & sketches:Hara Vidopoulou 

Poster painting:Angelos Giannoudis, student at the 2nd GEL of Chalandriu 

Technical assistance:Anastasia Christakis, commonspace 

Show Teaser:Ivan Sienes (cinematography) –Stavros Simeonidis(editing)

They play:The students of the 5th grade of the 9th Primary School of Chalandrio 

Guest contribution:The 6th grade of the school

"Stories of Rematia ... stories of the whole world"!Or else... from our own Stream, the Stream of Chalandriou, which was both the source of our inspiration and the "set" of our own story, we "throw" our own message of peace, friendship, acceptance and solidarity into the magical underground world and the tunnels of Hadrian's Aqueduct with the hope and wish that it will reach through the water routes to all the Streams of this world!

Chrysa Karamitrou

*The text is a theatrical adaptation of the book"Like Al-Shur and Cocteau"by Chrysa Karamitrou, illustratedKaterina Hadoulou, editingLefteri Karamitrouand publication of the collaborative publications"Ungoverned States».

*The secrets of water, original songin versesChrysas Karamitrouand musicPolys Nikolopoulou

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