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Thanos Andritsos is an Architect of the University of Thessaly, with a master degree in Spatial and Urban planning of NTUA. He holds a Ph.D. in Charokopio University in the fields of Economic Geography and Regional Development and has participated in a series of conferences and scientific volumes in Greece and abroad. He has experience in preparing, coordinating and managing communication of co-funded European programs (ENTITLE, Orientgate , SMILEGOV, Wetlands of Attica). He has experience in designing and constructing private projects as a partner in technical companies and freelancers, and has participated with distinctions in public architectural competitions. He is a founding member of the CPD co-op and has participated in different positions (coordinator, member of scientific teams etc) in a number of projects such as participatory design programs (schools in Attica Municipalities, Trikala Prison School), Sustainable Urban Development Plans and Integrated Spatial Investments (Municipality of Athens and Piraeus), creation of specifications and guide for interventions in the public space of the Municipality of Athens etc.

Thanos Andritsos

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